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Clinical Trials Conferences

Clinical Trials Conferences - One of the Best Ways for Networking

Resbiomed understands the need to provide updated information on the regulatory and operational aspects of the performance of clinical trials for our clients interested in the developing markets.

We grow our business and expand our global research in the Balkans as well as in Central Asia -Caucasus.

The conferences we organize with academic as well as other governmental institutions for the Balkans and for theCentral Asia- Caucasus Region provide added value and objective opinion from regulatory agencies, representatives and other parties.

This helps our Sponsors taking the decision to come, explore and plan their studies in these regions.

- 1st Balkan Clinical Trials Conference (1st, 2nd, 3rd Announcements)

- 2nd Balkan Clinical Trials Conference

- 1st Central Asia –CaucasusClinical Trials Conference

Central Asia - Caucasus countries - developing market in a global competitive world

Many multinational clinical trials have recently been conducted by diff erent Sponsors to enable the rapid accrual of patients and the use of registration data in multiple countries.

Such trials often include multiple ethnicities, and regional diff erences sometimes aff ect. the treatment results.

Many factors can cause regional diff erences, including medical care, medical insurance, and clinic-pathologic features, as well as pharmacogenomics. When discrepant data are observed between Asian and Caucasian populations, new clinical trials should be scheduled in specific populations.

If you want to learn more about the region and would like to receive fi rst hand information from the local regulatory representatives you are welcome to join. You will also be provided with practical guidelines on the regulatory procedures and advice to support you decision to perform your clinical studies in this region.